What Are Cool math Games and are they effetive to Learn math?



With the word Cool Math Games, it comes the mind perhaps we are talking about math games which are based on the math subject. Yes! Even it came to my mind when i heard this word first time.

I am agree, math games are the part of cool math games but these games are many more. These games are based on logic anti-voilance and good to learn new things.

The good thing about these games is that you can play them any time free on the internet. You can click this link for more information.

But if math games are only a part of cool maths games then what these games are?


In simple words  i will say that these games are only waiste of time. Because Parents think that there kids are learning math by playing games as these games are famous in teachers and parents as well. For this you can search cool math games for teachers or cool math games for parents.

So, the parents are thinking that there kids are learning math but the kids are playing driving games, dress-up games, and other online games. My question is “If there is math only in few games then why they are famous with this name?”

No doubt by playing this game they become familiar to computer, laptop and tablets because they can’t play these games on mobile phone. For example 2048 game is ver famous and you can play it even on the phone. But while playing this game you will move only fingertip to creat 2048 tile.

My advice is that besides this that kids can learn math by playing these online games or not. Parents should keep an eye on them and never allow them to play these online games in study times. However, they should be allowed to play online math cool games in free time.